Castagna Profile




Financial Institution

“Corporate, Luxury, Warm, Dominant, Expertise, and Simple.”

Castagna approached us to create a corporate profile to represent their company. We took on the challenge of capturing the essence of the Castagna group by sticking to their sophisticated minimalist roots. We crafted a be-spoke typographic logo to compliment the corporate profile, utilizing the stencil effect successfully creating a juxtaposition between the title and the subtitle

The corporate profile is the first introduction clients receive to the company. Given Castagna’s value for customer satisfaction, it was therefore essential to maintain Castagna’s vision throughout. Through the look and feel of the corporate profile, we were able to harness the well-defined elegance and expertise the company has become synonymous with. The simplicity of the profile exudes luxury and is further complemented by the dominant black and white colour palette.

As leaders in the local electronics market segment, Castagna Group takes pride in providing the best customer experience possible. By creating a custom box to accompany the Corporate profile we were able to enhance the B2C experience showcasing Castagna’s passion and attention to detail.