Grant Thornton




Accounting / Auditing Firm

“We come in Peace”

Grant Thornton, a financial and auditing company tasked us with the assignment to create and design a stand for the University of Malta Freshers' Week. 

Our aim was to move away from the corporate scene and create an enticing style focusing towards a young, care free, new generation of students. The theme of space was the perfect direction for this, as it symbolizes the endless, infinite opportunities one could have.

To achieve this, we went with custom comic inspired illustration. This strip depicts the journey of astronauts and how through a series of trials and tribulations, ends up in the so called promised land “Planet Thornton”, this was a metaphor, of how a student has to go through University life, with all its ups and down, to eventually achieve the goal they were striving for.

behind the scenes of printing on vinyl of custom illustration
Custom illustrations of the main characters in the comics
custom illustrations printed on vinyl
Close up shot of a vinyl wrapped arcade game
instagram stories to help promote the freshers' week event
Banner composed of all the custom illustrated comics, depicting the full journey from start to end
Photo of the actual stand composed of different panels done from custom illustrations.
Tote bag apparel done from the custom illustration
Arcade game vinyl wrapped with custom illustrations
Stand panels vinyl wrapped with custom illustrations
Custom illustrations notepads done for the event and for the company to give to students