FIAU Rebranding




Government Institution

“Translucent, Authentic, Structured, Sophisticated, and Open.”

The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, the national central agency in Malta that is responsible for the collection, collation, processing, analysis and dissemination of information to combat money laundering and the funding of terrorism, approached Redorange for the redesign of their visual identity, along with bringing their visual language and communication aligned with today’s modern digital era.

When redesigning the brand we looked into the company’s core values and structure. The identity is focused in the fundamentals of the organisation that its purpose is to serve the public and being transparent. The icon represents a watchful eye (the iris) that is paying attention to the detail, a holistic approach with multi strands that everyone is working together towards a common goal.

We created a strong and bold identity that offers the sophistication and seriousness of financial entities but yet being honest and open. All the elements used in the brand are open and with clean cuts, this speaks for the community and organisation that is approachable and not faceless.

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