Greening Our Grey
Brand Identity




Government Entity

The focus on committing
to a sustainable lifestyle
is important to our economic growth that
can impact generations.

The Planning Authority is a government entity that acts on behalf of the community to provide a sustainable ‘land use’. We at Redorange were approached to create a visual identity for the green infrastructure forum being held in Malta; open for Policy Makers, NGOs, Professionals, Academia & Representatives
from the Private Sector.

The forum ‘Greening Our Grey’ focuses on transforming our urban areas from challenges into opportunities. The identity focuses on custom illustrations, which symbolise members of the community from all walks of life. We created illustrations made with organic lines and the use of negative space, bringing a human element to the identity.

The trio of greens were specifically implemented throughout the designs to enhance the natural element of bringing together outdoor experiences both inward and outward towards
a greener infrastructure.