Malta Gaming Authority Brand Identity




Regulatory Authority


With its expertise in both the legislative and technical aspects of gaming, the Malta Gaming Authority is not only responsible for regulating all gaming activities in Malta, but has also branched out to provide its services worldwide.

In 2022, we worked with MGA to initiate a complete brand re-haul, aiming to refresh the Authority’s visual identity and communicative voice, both internally and externally. A key principle of the Authority is One MGA – meaning that from top to bottom, the entire MGA team is in line with each other, and working towards the same goals. Keeping true to this value, our first step was to conduct workshops, in order to gather information from all levels of the MGA team.

The results of the workshop helped us to identify what the common fundementals were, as well as areas where the team saw room for improvement. Based on this, we created a basic profile of what the future identity should be.

The drive towards being forward thinking and remaining an industry leader puts the brand on track to stay at the forefront and remain future-proof. Flexibility and adaptability are of utmost importance on all fronts – both in terms of operational expertise, and in brand optics and application.

Transparent, open
Conducting communication in a transparent manner improves brand image and reputation, whilst openness allows for approachability. On an internal level, this means that excess beaurocracy is eliminated, allowing internal communication and collaboration to happen seamlessly.

Exemplar of integrity
Building trust on all fronts and staying honest and true to the Authority's values reinforces perceived integrity and builds trust in the brand.

The Brand Colours
The brand colour palette is an indicator of the MGA’s positioning within the global gaming regulatory scene. Three vibrant colours form the core of the MGA’s visual identity, with purple being the main colour. This distinctively unique approach to a regulatory body’s visual identity speaks to the MGA’s agility and innovation – an identity that stands out for an Authority that is one of a kind.

Brand Marque
The logomark is simple, a merge between a forward-pointing shape representing a play button, and a solid, grounded shape, signifying MGA’s strong values, unshakeable integrity and sense of authority. The connection in between the two is also a key feature, highlighting not only the balance that MGA strikes between institution and innovation, but also is a reminder that MGA is the link between industry and player.

Dynamic logo
The brand icon shifts and transforms into different dynamic forms, reflecting the MGA’s flexibility and constant evolution. While the base shape stays the same, smooth transitions allow the marque’s nodes to morph seamlessly, in continuous re-invention, while always maintaining the core foundations.