Creating a Digital Content Calendar

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Before diving right into creating captions or creating a brief to communicate with the design team, spend some good old fashioned time researching. This includes; looking through your Social Media insights, with heavy emphasis on who your audience is and which content they engaged with; view your competitors social media pages and search for accounts which are similar to your brand; and lastly, look at top ranking hashtags and trending topics.

Create Content for Different Platforms

From Facebook to Instagram, TikTok to Pinterest, create content that is adaptable to all social media platforms, so you can reach a wider audience. Based on your research findings, create different post themes that can be adapted to all platforms, whilst keeping the pages updated with different content. 

Example you can create a highlight of the week based around one of your products, and split content as follows;


Video about the product’s benefits
Static shots of the product being used with Stories of behind the scenes
Link with a trending tune
Create a blog on how to use the product

Plan Ahead

Think ahead and prepare content well in advance. Not only will this help in not stressing about what to upload, but you can plan well in advance for seasonal dates, including Black Friday and Christmas. 

Planning ahead gives you ample time to work on your business with the peace of mind that your socials are being continuously updated with new and engaging content.


Not only should you create engaging content, but use your social media pages to interact with followers and other pages. Send birthday wishes, comment on people’s endeavours, react to inspiring content and stay active on social media by replying to messages and comments. 

Build conversations to help nourish relationships and join communities that make sense for your brand to join any trending topics.


Whilst planning content months ahead is ideal, remember to see what is working and what is not through your insights, and change what is not working as you go along.

Let us help you build a successful Digital Content Calendar.

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