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Navigating the food and beverage landscape

Solid branding creates deeper culinary experiences Food & Beverage      Branding      Brand Strategy 4 min read  The food and beverage industry is a broad sector that encompasses various categories, all of which require a strong branding strategy. The key is to extract the character of a place and visually portray it. Additionally, […]

Beer of Hope

Creative Minds and kind-hearted humans have come together!BOH! is the end-result and here is the story behind it. Enjoy & share our story in supporting a good cause.Beer of Hope is the product following a collaboration with local brewers and charities, and several beer drinkers, coming together for the common good.Our PurposeWe are bringing the […]

Our Top 7 Adobe Fonts

As designers we are always looking for new fonts, we are obsessed we typefaces and letters. Being a graphic designer in 2021 means that you already have 50 favourite typefaces and foundries and you know them inside out.

Redefining a Visual Identity for the FIAU

One of the key elements that drove this rebranding exercise was the importance of emphasising integrity and transparency of FIAU as an entity. The level of responsibility of FIAU on both national and international scales was to be represented in an identity that communicated seriousness, sophistication, and trustworthiness.