Bahia table setup

Photography by Tonio Lombardi

Bahia Restaurant Experience






Past, Present, and Future.

Bahia is a Michelin-starred restaurant that takes its patrons on a journey through time, with dishes inspired by Maltese culinary heritage, reimagined as cuisine from the past, present, and future. To mark their move from the Three Villages into the Corinthia Hotel, we collaborated with them to craft a unique experience for their guests. 

Bahia offers three degustation menus - the Past, Present, or Future. Each table is presented with a bespoke centrepiece, featuring three tubes - one for each menu. Copper represents the past, steel represents the present, and carbon fibre represents the future. The tubes are set within a wooden piece that features waves, representing the flow of time. The guests can choose their desired menu by placing the corresponding tube within the orange Harvesting Pot, representative of the orange tree after which the restaurant is named.

Our work for Bahia was featured on the Michelin Guide for 2021.

Bahia private dining area table setup
Bahia centrepiece, menu, and experience card
Bahia stationery
Business card
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Bill holders
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Bahia centrepiece and menu
Bahia table setup
Bahia menu


"Together with several other people along our journey, handpicked has been responsible for creating the BAHIA brand. With so many stories behind the brand, it is always a pleasure briefing a team of creatives to work on a new project. In this case we wanted to make sure that guests at BAHIA, experience an interactive and curated journey whilst ordering their food.

When sharing a room with a team that immerses itself in the brief and understands the goal that was set to be achieved, we felt reassured about the result. More importantly, we felt that the discussions we had during each iteration could only produce a better result. Working with a committed and creative team is always a pleasure."

Claudio Camilleri, handpicked