Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman

Interesting fact: Redorange is predominantly dominated by women (woohoo!) – 64% of the total workforce to be precise. We’re all different, yet somehow share a bond.

In 2020 we didn’t see each other much, we didn’t plan many internal activities, so this Women’s Day we took the opportunity to do something different – we wanted to celebrate our various distinct characteristics. And so we thought… since parties are currently not allowed due to the Pandemic, the next best thing to dress up and have some fun was a photoshoot.. and so, the planning began!

Redorange Women's Day





Each one of us decided on an adjective which best describes her. We then collaborated with B.home who paired each of our characteristics with some truly unique chairs (we hope you love them as much as we do - and a huge thanks to Laura Bartolo for hosting us). Next, collaborated with Justine Ellul, the photographer who could truly understand our concept and capture the various elements. As for hairstyling, the super talented Flavia Attard of  Dcolorpallet elevated our looks and made us shine brighter.

Here’s some background about each one of us… 


Bold, full of force and emotional strength. Not only isn’t she afraid of showing her feelings and expressing her opinions, but she knows what she wants and is not afraid in fighting for it.  

Redorange Women's Day - Cynthia Mifsud
Redorange Women's Day - Danika


Creative, embodies imagination, open-mindedness, and high energy, whilst being alertly aware of her surroundings. She is a risk-taker who never shies away from showing her true and artistic colours.


Protective, stands by you to shield you from danger and pain and offers you her hand to guide you through turbulent times whilst listening to your fears and thoughts.

Redorange Women's Day - Stefanie
Redorange Women's Day - Elizabeth


Independent, stands on her own two feet whilst living by her own rules. She won’t hide her personality traits and offers support to whomever is in need.


Radiant, exudes lights and positivity wherever she goes, whilst being ecstatically joyful and warm.

Redorange Women's Day - Katryna
Redorange Women's Day - Francesca


Resilient, has a strong self-belief and is never discouraged from the journey ahead. An empath who stays positive and realistic in challenging situations.


Inspiring, altruistic at heart that motivates and inspires others. Courageous and empathetic, she takes breath away with her daily actions.

Redorange Women's Day  - Michela


Always remember, you are destined for greatness. Yes, this big old world can be a scary place, but with your kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit, you can do anything. Be bold, be crazy, be loud, be everything that you want to be, but always remember to be yourself.